When You Mix R&B and Hyphy: “Where I’m From” by Russ Coson

When you mix that Hyphy-era Bay Area and R&B, you essentially get a certified slapper. Russ Coson is emerging out of the Bay Area as an R&B singer with a vocal range and instrumental choice that’s perfect for the club or the crib. “Where I’m From” – his single that exemplifies his hometown livelihood – is what you need on your playlists.

The music video to “Where I’m From” depicts Bay life perfectly from the yellow buses, essential Hennessy bottle, white tees, layered clothing, an essential Hennessy bottle, and a cameos of the bridges, Mac Dre and The Jacka murals, and Daly City’s infamous Hillside Market that sells your favorite liquor combinations in a Ziplock bag.

If you’re not from the Bay Area, the music video will give you a good example of what to expect. It’s an energetic, Hyphy, one-of-a-kind place. Thankfully, artists like Russ Coson, the HBK Gang, Marty Grimes, Bobby Brackins, and other rising stars like EyyEll and Lord Morgan, are making recreating hyphy in their own ways. Some still take from the traditional sounds, and others simply create new music for the soul and integrate the occasional “yee” like G-Eazy.

Though not every track is an ode to the mid-2000’s movement, Russ Coson’s album Sti11 Addicted will get you wanting to do the Thizzle Dance.

(Photo Courtesy: Christian Cuison)

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