Russ Coson Pursues A Threesome in “Took Em Both”

Russ Coson is the king of making old school records sounding dope. In his previously released record, he tackles an RnBass version of Nelly’s “Dilemma” with Thuy on “On Your Line“. This time around he mixes both of Los Angeles’ all-time greatest hits: “Ain’t No Fun” and “Xxplosive”, and taps in with RJmrLA to take over the second verse.

Took Em Both” explains the ideal situation any sexually-enticed man wants in life: a threesome. Russ is in this moment where he’s able to score a ménage à trois, and capitalizes on the opportunity. The cherry on top arrives in Coson’s final verse as he does a rendition to Snoop Dogg’s legendary “Ain’t No Fun” as an attempt to finalize the engagement.

Listen to “Took Em Both” below:

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