Nelly’s “Dilemma” Revamped on Russ Coson & Thuy’s “On Your Line”

I’ll be on your line about Asian Americans in the music industry.

One thing I’m enjoying about music is the rise of Asians Americans within it. When talking about music, the Bay Area is birthing some of the hottest names in hip hop who hold it down for Asians; DJ Noodles and P-Lo for example. Their rise in the industry might have influenced others to do so, because Russ Coson and Thuy are slowly becoming factors in Yay Area music, representing for Filipinos and Vietnamese, respectively.

Their R&B banger “On Your Line”┬áremixes Nelly & Kelly Rowland’s unforgettable 2002 single “Dilemma“. The instrumental is refreshing and instantly injects nostalgia for everyone into the soothing genre. Russ Coson and Thuy perfectly balance each other out on the track, making “On Your Line” singable for both ladies and fellas (perfect for a karaoke night, which is practically an every day/week thing for Asians).

These two are setting a trend for Asian Americans across the map. Right now, Bruno Mars is the only Asian that’s catapulted into mainstream music, but I can see these two getting their shine in a couple years. Trust.

Check out more from Russ Coson on his website.

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