Keep the Mood “Runnin” with Rose Gold and James Fauntleroy

Fairly new artist Rose Gold released simple but vibrant single “Runnin” featuring James Fauntleroy. While her lust-like lyrics are simple and somewhat repetitive, this framework really showcases her smooth and entrancing vocals. Paired with a soft beat and synthetic static, this song captivates listeners in a pervasive state of chill.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Image | Rose Gold Soundcloud

Running around this town
Looking for someone to love you right now
Keep running round and round
When you got someone who loves you right now
Running around this town
Looking for someone to run thru right now
Don’t wanna run around
With someone who won’t love me right now
Who want to wait forever
I told you now or never
I been running around this town
Looking for you
I’m so tired of running around

What this song appears to be about is a one-sided love. The first few lines of the song indicate that an unidentified “you” is running around town looking for love. We later find out Rose Gold, or the persona Rose Gold is portraying, is hurt because she would like unidentified “you” to love her, yet “you” choose to seek love from others instead.

Rose Gold was presumed to be a one-hit-wonder after releasing her popular first single, “Love Stoned” also featuring James Fauntleroy, and then remained silent for more than a year following.

Her debut single has accumulated more than 42,000 plays in the last two years despite falling off the grid for roughly twelve months. However, once got back on the grind, she began releasing singles every couple of months or so.

While her singles have all been fire, Rose Gold has yet to release a full-length album. All of her singles are currently only available on SoundCloud.

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