Island Women Rise; Ruby Ibarra Calls for Filipina Unity on “US”

Recently we were exposed to an empowering record called Looking Back” from Gavlyn, Vel the Wonder, and Reverie; three Chicana artists from Los Angeles who hold it down for the culture and all women, and prove they’re some of the nicest emcees to grip the microphone. Travel about 400 miles north and you’ll find Ruby Ibarra, Rocky Rivera, Klassy and Faith Santilla who are also emanating empowerment for Filipinas on “US“.

Don’t get it twisted; they’re some of the illest rappers I’ve ever heard in my life, and I could care less about their ethnicity or the fact that they’re women. But what is important is that each of these Filipina women find strength in themselves and their culture, and it’s essential to recognize the difference between highlighting and categorizing them as people. With that said, peep “US” below and feel empowered:

As a Filipino, I’m hella happy these emcees are proud of the culture. They’re sitting at the frontline for islanders who want to empower, embrace, and unify through music by integrating traditional trademarks of the Philippines from dialect, apparel, candle dancing, and tinikling. Take a break from turning up and stay woke with the piece of mind each of these dope artists.

Once again, embed this in your head: fuck all that noise about an existence of female artists – there’s only artists. It’s important to highlight women in the music industry, but never categorize a rapper by their gender or culture. It’s senseless.

Ruby Ibarra’s project CIRCA91 is available for streaming and purchase on he Bandcamp.

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