Roy Purdy’s Dance Gets Embedded Into Fortnite Video Game

Roy Purdy is known for his viral memes, iconic dance moves, and skating. Most recently his dance was entered in a Fortnite emote competition with the hashtag #boogiedown contest.

“The Orange Shirt Kid” entered the competition against Roy Purdy, however, ended up losing. The Fortnite community then decided to post a petition on which allowed for the emote “Orange Justice” — a name change to Roy Purdy’s “Shoot” dance. Although the community came together for a good cause, it evidently discredited Purdy for his dance.


The truth is the power of who made it ‘viral’ takes away who put the effort in. Some one can easily take the credit off of a trademark, filip it, and profit off of it.

How would you feel if someone else got famous off your Sh#t? Thoughts?👇🏽

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As an upcoming artist branding is everything. For Roy to be discredited and belittled for his contribution towards the culture it only signifies anything trademarked can be ‘remixed’ if a higher power takes ownership.

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