“Road Soda” by Yeek | Slow Jam for the Road

Yeek, an artist out of Los Angeles, released his most recent single last month off his latest project 2016.

Story | Madison Lippincott

“Road Soda” was unraveled just days before the release of his latest album 2016 and is one of three songs featured on the album. The song, which has more than 8,000 plays on SoundCloud features a low, simple beat with a switch-up in the middle.

Road soda, by definition, alludes to casual drinking while driving. While this is looked down upon in most of the United States, it’s an activity enjoyed by many, including Yeek. His lyrics are humble but straightforward and the beat is perfect for a night ride to clear your mind.

Got 2 road sodas in the back
I’m on the carpool lane, it’s fast
My head is spinning from the gas
I Love my life, just hope it lasts

The first out of two verses of this song is about getting bent, driving fast, and being happy with life. The song takes a turn with the second verse, which talks of an unknown pain felt by Yeek.

Just put some speed cream on the wheels
Skate pain away till my wounds heal
Physical pain to keep it real
But I can’t feel… No, I can’t feel

Two-thirds of the way through the song, the bumping bass is replaced with a stringed bass creating a soulful acoustic jam reminiscent of the 80s. This switch-up keeps listeners on their toes and a little taste of what can be offered on the other two songs on the album.

“Road Soda” as a single and Yeek’s 2016 album are only available on SoundCloud at this time. However, many of Yeek’s other album Love Slacker and other singles can be found on Spotify and iTunes.

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