‘Kiss The Sky’ with Ro3lay, San Francisco’s Old School Hip-Hop Phenom

You know that saying, “When it rains it pours?” It’s true. We’re presented with everyday struggles without a clue on how to solve them. Many times we forget to practice self-care, or taking a minute to breathe and think about our positives. Ro3lay reminds us of this practice in his newest track ‘Kiss The Sky.’

Story | Shealene Sakacs

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The San Francisco native hints that ‘Kiss the Sky’ belongs to his upcoming project Native Immigrant. You’re brought to the foundations of hip-hop by the beat, and you’re reminded that you’re able to overcome any obstacles in your path.

Many of us are constantly consumed by our struggles, whether it’s work, school, money, relationships, or anything I didn’t mention. Ro3lay points out that we should always practice self-care and remember that everything is going to be alright.

Sometimes we just need to breathe, listen to some good music and relax with our closest friends in order to feel better. Life is about balance, for every high there’s a low and it’s important to stay mindful of this so that you never feel too overwhelmed on either side of the spectrum.
Throughout the track, Ro3lay repeats the line:

“Don’t sleep on yourself, get high, touch the sky with me”

Artists like Ro3lay are so vital to the hip-hop world because they send messages through their music that many people are scared to do. It’s not often that you hear rappers promoting self care and encouraging people to get higher in life — physically and emotionally.
Stay tuned for more on Ro3lay and Native Immigrant.

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