L.A. Rapper Rit$y’s Secrets to Good Music: Weed, Relaxation, and Doubt

Rit$y is about vibing with his friends and having a good time and he exemplifies this through his music and videos. The Los Angeles native was 16 when he began making beats with his friends without any real plan to make music, which he laughs about now. “I would just drop stuff as a hobby but then last year (2016) I decided to take it serious and the outcome has been great.”

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Rit$y gets most inspired to create music by simply relaxing, smoking weed, and vibing out with his friends in the studio. It’s a scene out of Pineapple Express mixed, but mixed with creating fire hits in the studio. This relaxation puts him in a state of Nirvana when thinking of new lyrics. This Nirvana influences him so much that, he doesn’t even listen to his favorite rappers.

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With a mission to showcase his unique voice, he actually avoids listening to his favorite artists with the fear of indirect influence toward his sound. One friend and fellow producer who he does listen to is Ninedy2, who produced the visuals for his EP.

The EP title When Pigs Fly speaks for itself. It comes from people of his past and present who have doubted his ability to make music and become a rapper. The idiom ‘when pigs fly’ relates to people’s beliefs of his inability to make it big in the rap game. However, the rapper says he loves a challenge: he’s made it in his eyes, and has seen pigs fly.

An inordinate amount of people didn’t believe in his dreams and are now being proved wrong, saying “wow he’s actually doing it and he’s got the project on iTunes now,” as quoted by Ritsy. His haters are his muse. He gained more hate after quitting his 9-5 job to pursue countless sleepless nights to make beats and writing rhymes.

He wants people to recognize that it’s not easy making music, you spend lots of time trying to find the right beats and melodies and it’s not just a couple clicks to make a club-bumping jam, it takes much more than that.

“In the song ‘Like It’s Supposed To’ we had a vision for it and I’ve always had this thing for balloons. I see different colors and every different color represents a mood. When I did When Pigs Fly, the color pink was just in my head all the time and it was just the mood. I didn’t know what pink represented but I felt like that mood throughout the project. I was trying to fill up this wearhouse with my feelings so I got balloons and we record it, go through it and put different scenes together, what I represent and what I feel throughout the music video.”

Rit$y tries to make his videos as connected as possible to his mood and his lyrics to really give listeners and viewers the same vibe. In his video, “Pull Up” he’s seen at the end with his friends drinking and partying. “That’s really how we are. I would say when we get together that’s how we get. That’s why it’s called ‘Pull Up’ every time we pull up somewhere at the same time, we are chillin, drinking, vibing out and having a really good time together.

2017 is going to be Rit$y’s year of growth. Take note of his evolution; listen to his album When Pigs Fly and compare it to his recent release Don’t Look Down, with even more jams to bump as loud as possible in the car and at the club.

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