Catch Rit$y in his ‘Fillings’ with his New Ninedy2 Produced Single

Everyday we wake up and feel the constant urge to be someone better than we were yesterday. There is a need to work hard in life to pay our bills, and be the best we can be. Sometimes all of this pressure of finding who we are and living stable can resort to ‘filling’ ourselves with whatever we can in order to numb the pain.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Rit$y’s new single ‘Fillings’ gets as real as possible in a way that can relate to all of us. People like to assume they know what you are going through in life without actually knowing your story or the obstacles you have to overcome. Rit$y makes it clear that people don’t know his day-to-day struggle, but like to act like they do.

The Ninedy2 produced track has a more melancholy vibe to it that really gets you thinking about your life and all the pressure you have to face each day. As always Rit$y gets as real as possible and has no problem letting you know how he feels through his music, which makes it easier for listeners to connect to the message behind the song.

‘Fillings’ is a play on words that connect to the central theme of the song and it’s meaning. The definition of filling in fact is “a quantity of material that fills or is used to fill something.” It’s important to note this because Rit$y advocates alcohol consumption to fill up the emptiness caused by his difficulties. Realistically, it’s the sad truth some of us feel at the severity of pain.

Throughout the song Rit$y lays down lines such as:

“Sleeping through the day I work the night shift, look into my eyes and see that I’m lit.”

“Haven’t been sober it’s been seven straight days and I don’t even know why I think it’s okay”

And repeatedly says,

“I’m filling like I should be filling.”

These lyrics are real and as honest as can be. It’s important that rappers open their lives and share the struggles they face, exactly how Rit$y does. It’s not easy tackling problems in life every day while trying to get to where you want to be, let alone trying to figure out what your place in life is or why you even exist. However, being open about your feelings is clearly the best way to help overcome this problem and who knows you may even make art out of it.

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