Yoshi Thompkins Needs it “Right Now” on New Single

Love is a theme that has transcended through every artistic medium: film, music, paintings, and the list will forever continue. Southern Florida rapper Yoshi Thompkins links up with PUSSEIDXN on his latest track “Right Now” to speak on the topic, venting his emotions.

Story | Adam Douglas

Produced by Berler, “Right Now” features vocals from PUSSEIDXN singing over smooth guitar licks and well placed drums as the duo filter their frustrations of maintaining a relationship:

“Baby, you make me so weak
I need that loving like right now
Imma need that shit like right now”

While the main portion of the track maintains a slow tempo and simple production, “Right Now” picks up steam midway when Yoshi delivers his verse over an amp effect and screeching guitar solo:

“Cuz I know that we can be better
If we can just get through bad weather
The sun will shine it will clear the rain
Well after the moon the sun will reign”

“Right Now” appears to be a single itself with no project attached to it, however Yoshi seems to be pretty busy touring with C9 affiliate Denzel Curry on his Black Metal Terrorist Tour.

Be sure to check out if he’ll be making a stop through your city and keep up with Yoshi and PUSSEIDXN through social media.


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