A Drunk Version of Usher’s “Love in This Club”; “Wendy” by Richie Woods

Home-recorded songs are starting to get more love thanks to Spotify’s Bedroom Pop playlist.  Artist like Cuco, Clairo, Steve Lacy and many more have a chance to compete with the heavy hitters in the industry. In a way, it is the anti-culture towards mumble rap, trap and the clout music that are sparking up the hip-hop industry. The sound encompasses metaphors, harmony, and vulnerability compared to that in which requires a crowd following.

Recording from his home in Portland, Richie Woods (real name Michael Todd Berland) produces “Wendy” a mumbly filled heartache song about drunk calling an ex.

“I wanna make love in this club / When I’m drunk and I miss you / I wanna make love in this club / ‘Cause I’m dumb and I miss you”

With lyrics similar towards Usher’s “Love in This Club” featuring Young Jeezy, Woods uses the same lyricism to describe his lack of companionship and wishing to have a dancing partner. Ironically, the song encompases the same sexual desires as Usher’s song; but instead of showing it with confidence it is displayed as an act of desperation and empathy.

The song is accompanied with a music video filmed in VHS; of a hotdog cooking in a microwave and followed by Woods drinking alcohol in an alley.

As this do-it-yourself subgenre is growing and is now being implemented in major festivals like Coachella, Governors Ball and Outside Lands. There is no telling if this homemade remix will become the banger for upcoming heartbroken festivals.

Other uplifting projects from this character would be displayed under the names OH!Hello, Beagles, and the Fox Academy.

Photo | Atelier Ciseaux

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