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Since the late 40s, music and technology have evolved from the classical 12” LP vinyl, to the convenience of carrying around cassette tapes to CDs, and now to MP3 players. Although vinyls rarely exist for contemporary music, vinyl lovers have something to look forward to for legacy purposes.

And Vinyly offers the service of pressing one’s ashes onto a vinyl, where loved ones can have a piece of you, literally.

Story: Kelly Palines // @kellz415

Images: And Vinyly

Jason Leach, co-founder of the 90s label Subhead, created And Vinyly, which allows for ashes and self-supplied audio pressed onto a vinyl that totals to 24 minutes — 12 minutes per side. Additionally, the company continues their production for single body parts and pets for the same price as an entire human body.


A basic package of 30 discs can cost up to $3,413.10 in USD, almost as much as a regular viewing and funeral. After all is done, your piece of work can be distributed to record shops all around the world. A very rare record for one’s collection!


I definitely have got some mixed feelings about this. It creeps me out, but also excites me that I could be on a record that family members or strangers could have. The idea that a stranger can own my ashes is creepy and cool simultaneously.

The price however, seems about outrageous but makes sense once you think about the process and effort. They are receiving your body-cremated (preferably)- and putting it into a vinyl. As And Vinyly says, “Live on from beyond the groove!”

As a DJ, I would probably spin an And Vinyly only if it was the ashes of a DJ or musical artist I truly admired. If I’ve been collecting their art while alive, why not their final pieces?

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