Remixed, Rethought, Redone

When you think of the Bay Area what comes to mind is a hyperactive, heavy bass club banger. But when you take the composition of what makes those hyperactive, heavy bass sounds minus the club banger, and adding unheard of samples, you get production that surpasses the realms of the stereotype.

Story | Nico Blitz

Remixed, Rethought, Redone is a sample heavy playlist promoting the versatility and uniqueness of Bay Area producer Christian Camacho. According to Camacho, this project was an ode not only old music, but a remake of the original instrumentals he composed.

Based on the samples Camacho uses, we can tell that his style is very jazz and funk inspired. The instrumental varies and switches moods subtly, which brings you to moments of unexpectedness and thizz faces throughout the project. A primary example of this comes from “Prophet One Beat”.

The Lunch Table favorites:

  • “A Man’s World”
  • “Blue Byrd”
  • “Didn’t Wanna Have to Do It”

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