Become Lost in Your Dark Thoughts – “Room 27” by Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow has released the second installment of his much-anticipated debut album, Dear Annie. As of now Rejjie has released nine songs out of the expected twenty from his album that is expected to be released February 16. The second preview titled, Dear Annie: Part 2 includes songs “Rainbows”, “The Ends”, “Annie” and standout song “Room 27”.

Story | Anthony Carrillo

Room 27” is a change of pace from recent songs we have heard from Rejjie Snow. His last EP, Dear Annie: Part 1, focused on relationships and their trials and tribulations. Room 27 however turns its focus on Snow at the age of 27.

Always on my old like hahahaha

Jump to the ledge like hahahaha

Jumping to the sky like hahahaha

I might do it like hahahaha

My funeral with twenty seven people like ha

Always on my own I’m like hahahaha

Jumping to the sky like hahahaha

I’m like hahahaha

Snow sings about his suicidal thoughts and proceeds to laugh them off very nonchalantly, as to keep the appearance that he is fine. But as the song continues Rejjie unravels and reveals that there are more to these initial thoughts. The age twenty-seven also holds significance in the music world because it is an age that many musicians have passed away at. It is very possible that Rejjie made this song to show his how he parallels preceding iconic musicians.

To prep yourself more for Rejjie’s debut album, peep his last EP Dear Annie: Part 1.

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