“Regardless” by Bardo | #StayWoke to Gang and Gun Violence

Chi-Town artist Bardo broke a yearlong hiatus last month with the release of two songs within a week of each other, the first being “Regardless”.

Story | Madison Lippincott

The three-minute song is decorated with an abundance of hashtags, such as #Unapologetic and #Chicago, which is where the artist is from. One that sticks out more than the rest, however, is #StayWoke.

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase “stay woke” means to keep informed of the shitstorm going on around you in times of turmoil and conflict, specifically on occasions when the media is being heavily filtered.

Bardo use of this hashtag is more than appropriate as “Regardless” addresses a number of everyday issues he as an artist as well as a member of a minority encounters. Some of these issues revolve around the trivialities of young love. But things take a dark turn in the middle of the song when the harsh reality of gun violence and gang life in cities surfaces.

I want a hundred baby mothas
No, I want a hundred and eighty brothas
From 183rd to 42nd and Michigan
And get they pistols and if they listen
And aim ‘em at they mothafuckas that keep aimin’ at us
It’s a war outside man, I can’t say it enough
You killin your own kind bitch, that ain’t makin you tough
Maybe I ain’t prayin enough
But what the fuck do you expect
When everyday we gettin’ snuffed

The name, and overall theme of the song, reveals itself in the outro.

Fuck the nonsense
Keep it honest

What Bardo is trying to say in this wrap-up is that regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, you need to keep yourself out of the nonsense, keep yourself honest, and keep yourself woke.

On top of the phrase “stay woke”, the song description says, “stay tuned.” One can only guess that this is a sign for us as listeners to keep our eyes and ears peeled in anticipation for more from him in the near future.

For now, all of the music he’s already released can be found on SoundCloud and on SoundCloud only.

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