Childish Gambino Previews Newest Project with “Redbone” Single

Just after wrapping up the first season of his hit series Atlanta, Donald Glover has returned from his two year hiatus as Childish Gambino to deliver his latest track, “Redbone”.

Story | Adam Douglas

Like Glover’s character Earn Marks in Atlanta, “Redbone” finds Gambino struggling to get the attention and secure a relationship with his red-boned lover:

“So long/You made a nigga wait for some, so long/You make it hard for a boy like that to know/I’m wishing I could make this mine, oh”

The single’s production and style are something similar yet new to Gambino fans. Immediately upon listening to the track you notice Childish’s voice has been pitched up a few semitones. He’s also back to singing again which is something that he has always done, but has progressively just gotten much better at.

The beat itself features Gambino’s long time musical partner Ludwig Görannson making use of guitar licks and funky bass grooves. This track is reminiscent of a lost 70’s soul sample and sits just right in the genre.

“Redbone” comes off of Gambino’s forthcoming album, Awaken, My Love! which many are speculating what the exact sound will be. So far with this track and last week’s release, “You and Your Mama”, it sounds like it’s going to be very 70’s influenced and feature a lot of singing from Childish, which is a good thing.

Awaken, My Love! will be released in stores on December 2nd.

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