Lex One Shares His “Real Life Story” and Perspective on Hip Hop

Many artists in the rap-game like to brag about their riches and what material objects they acquire over the span of their popularity. Some fans tend to look at these artists as role models and wish to have similar possessions in their lifetime. What many of them do not closely pay attention to is that these artists hear what they want us to hear without actually telling us their real life stories. Of course, when your favorite Hip Hop artists brags about what they have and why they have it, you tend to look up to them for it. However, it is important to understand if they are staying true to who they are within their music.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

“Real Life Story” by Lex One is the type of song that will have you relaxing, enjoying, and also thinking about the lyrics the entire way through. This is the king of song that is thought-provoking and real on all levels of acquiring limelight in the rap-game.

The single was produced by fellow Florida native, Creole, who left a hypnotic and mesmerizing production for Lex to play off of. When listening to this song Lex tells a story of the many artists in the rap-game that choose to brag about their designer products, cash flow, and hookups rather than the harsh realities that follow their fandom. In his “Real Life Story,” Lex talks about both the good and the bad that he lives through on an everyday basis.

Lex One explains that although he enjoys the life he lives and the material goods that come from making his music, money can’t always buy happiness. In the song itself he explains, “Got a chemical imbalance, using chemicals to balance,” although he enjoys this lavish lifestyle he has it can still leave him feeling empty and can even lead to him using narcotics to stay sane.

Lex One provides the truth on the life he lives and the harsh realities that artists face through his music and stays true to who he is while doing it. In the song he also states:

“All day I dream about all the things I been without, tryna keep these demons out, figure what’s the meaning bout?”

This is insight on what his life is like and how he sometimes even looks at it, feeling like it might not be enough, much like lots of us do as well.

A lot of the time the rap artists give us what they think we want or what is popular in society. However, many of us can agree that we just want to listen to what’s real within the music and we ask that our favorite artists stay true to what their lives are like within their music, struggles and all. Lex One delivers the truth behind the lyrics of his “Real Life Story”. It’s not bragging about how much you have, but it’s about what you do with your life once you have it.

If you want to hear more of Lex One’s captivating music, check out the rest of his 2016 album, Gold Plaque.

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