“Reachin” For The Top Spot in Kelechi’s Latest Video

The importance of underground music is to maintain a sense of reality; it’s music that can easily relate to people of your hometown or situation. As a day one fan who followed their artist since their social media following was nearly zero, you become an essential part to building that artists’ career. Kelechi has a warning for the non day one fans – “And now Kelechi’s eating you wanna count calories”.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Mtn Dew Green Label

Off of his debut project Before the Quarter Ends, and his Dew Tour in California and across the nation, Kelechi keeps his momentum going by releasing “Reachin” featuring Trinidad James. The video was sponsored by Mtn Dew Green Label’s Green Label Sound: Open Call contest, which offered $50,000 to Kelechi for his winning debut project.

Inspired by Ernie Barnes’s famous Sugar Shack painting, “Reachin” features a Southern club vibe meant to entice his fans of the influence the Atlanta native’s roots have on him.

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