Electronic, Hip Hop & Futuristic in One: Producer/Rapper Pyramid Vritra

As a rapper and producer, Hal Williams is known for his eerie and unusual electronic sound. Willams, better known by his stage name Pyramid Vritra, and Matt Martians make up the collaborative production collective The Jet Age of Tomorrow. The collective was founded after Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator turned down the duo’s submitted instrumentals. As one of the founding members of the Los Angeles based hip hop collective, Odd Future, and Atlanta based hip-hop collective, Nobody Really Knows, many productions have been credited to Williams. Having worked with Kilo Kish, Zack Villere, and Vince Staples his uniquely eclectic production capabilities have proved his right in many genres. Featured on Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette, Williams’ inclination towards instrumentals becomes apparent as he produces a song from handpicked LPs at a recordstore:

Vritra is known for producing “tapes,” or a series of songs in one single track. Williams does so within his Tape, The Story of Marshal Lotus.

Within the Tape, the audience is introduced towards a series of emotions that varies from energetically fun to the feeling of awe and infatuation, and later to hatred and painful sorrow. The storyline is cut up into several various songs, as he describes a story of stalking a girl that he had a crush on through Myspace, having sex with a girl while she shouts out someone else’s name, and finishing with introspective conversations from his head. On September 15, 2017 The Jet Age of Tomorrow released their first collab in over 4 years.

Self-classified as a funk album on Soundcloud, the must-hear production quality takes the listener on a genre breaking journey. The standout record is titled “Chance” featuring India Shawn & MarkUsFree. However, that’s not Vritra’s entire discography. He tweeted about a lost album in which he and Matt Martians produced for Vince Staples.

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Chances of this album resurfacing in 2018 are quite possible, given he recently uploaded unreleased tracks from when he was under the Stones Throw label. Vritra is also a rapper experimenting with sounds of Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Electronic:

Vritra’s sound, storytelling, and musical influence varies from a lot of typical sounding hip hop artists; his aesthetic, uniqueness, and yearly released projects makes him a wild card to the industry. Listen to his 2017 release, HAL.

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