PVTSTCK Marvelous talks Chiraq, Fatherhood, and project ‘In Due Time’

Chicago is home to many greats in all facets of entertainment: Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, or Kanye West for example. Recently, the Windy City has been picking up an inordinate amount of traction in hip-hop and arguably took the crown in 2016. Amongst these voices comes Marvelous of PVTSTCK, a rapper with stories from the battlefield labeled as Chiraq, who also utilizes his abilities to support his three kids.

Marvelous recently dropped In Due Time, an 8-track project projected to inform his audience of the importance of fatherhood, the battlefield in Chicago, and his escape from the real world through his ecstatic lifestyle. Marvelous sat down with Nico Blitz for an exclusive interview on his situation in Chicago.

00:00 – Interview
09:10 – “Throw Up the W” – Marvelous
12:58 – “Heatwave” – Marvelous
15:22 – “Real Father” – Marvelous
18:28 – Interview
25:40 – “Never Change” – Marvelous
29:52 – “Perfect” – Marvelous
33:37 – “Chef Curry” – Marvelous
37:27 – Interview

Marvelous PVTSTCK

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