“Put It In Rice” | Kelechi’s Fans To Name His Latest Records

Undying support from fans is something that most, if not all artists strive for. With the Internet becoming the world’s most essential promotional tool, it’s wise to utilize its power to your favor. So when you mix the power of the Internet with an artist who strives to include his fans in his projects, you’re cooking up a recipe for success.

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As a birthday present to himself, and his fans, Kelechi released his freestyle “Put It In Rice”, which was named after a tweet one of his fans proposed after asking for their assistance in naming the song. The OddCouple produced track features a sample from DC Comics The Joker, where Kelechi feeds us food for thought put in metaphorical rice.

“I’m on a diet but I eat her on a cheat day” – Kelechi

The Atlanta rapper is setting himself up to have a fanbase who will constantly look for ways to keep themselves integrated with his art, i.e. wanting to be the lucky individual who gets another Kelechi song named after their tweet. In his way, it’s enabling him to form a relationship with his fans like no other rap artist has done before.

However, he’s not stopping after this one track alone. According to his Instagram caption, the Atlanta prodigy plans to keep his momentum going by allowing more of his fans to name his music.

“Just dropped a song. I’m starting to do a thing where I let People who follow me on Twitter name my records. Keep your eyes peeled.” – @kelechief

In other words, stay tuned for more of what’s cooking in Kelechi’s booth. If you’d like to be a part of his legacy, his Twitter link is listed below.

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