“Places + Faces” | Tayyib Ali is the Inspiration for the Uninspired

Tayyib Ali brings us back to real rap with his track “Places + Faces”. It starts off with a dramatic intro then smooths out into a very simple beat in the background making it easy to follow along with the powerful words that he spits out. He tells the story about his journey to success and how it’s lead him to new places and new faces.

Story | Alyssa San Agustin

In between the story, he gets you to sing along:

“New places, new faces reservations, planes, and vacations/I had tough times but I made it and went through all the trials and tribulations/New places, new faces when you grind hard everything starts changing”

Encouraging listeners that no matter what your past might entail, you’ll get through it. If you put your focus on grinding and constantly chasing your dreams everything starts changing. Opportunities start coming your way – new places and new faces begin to be the norm.

Eighteen-year-old Philly rapper, Tayyib Ali made it from an area where struggle was inevitable to a place where dreamers thrive.

“I was trying to make it out the hood so they could see everything the young and could might already be.”

He pushed himself to make it out in the world and be successful not just for himself for others to follow. Coming from having an empty stomach to being able to enjoy some laughter by the beach, Ali has come a long way. Of course it didn’t come out of luck. It took him patience and hard work but Ali encourages us all not to stop through our trials and tribulations and to keep chasing whatever it may be.

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