Phora tackles Racism, Religious Discrimination, Suicide in ‘Sinner Part 2’

One of the most difficult things in life is speaking upon your personal conflicts. There’s a social phobia that resides within most of us that prevents us from being our truest selves – whether its rejection, misunderstood communication, or steering away from judgmental eyes, saying aloud “I need help” is a rare case.

This is exactly why I love real hip-hop. Sometimes the microphone blinds judgmental eyes and allows a person to materialize their purest self through their voice. After listening to ‘Sinner Part 2’ by Los-Angeles based rapper Phora, I was convinced that he might be able to influence an entire generation to speak about their problems.

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Garnering a half-million views in a span of five days, ‘Sinner Part 2’ tells Phora’s story of self-conflict as he deals with an alcohol and drug relapse. Other symbols in the music video suggest that he deals with loneliness, racism, and religious discrimination on a frequent basis.

The George Orozco directed film presents images of a black male being hung, while Phora speaks on his suicidal thoughts. This indicates that Phora may feel that his being alone is enough to lead to his own death.

The lone, white wolf indicates Phora’s loneliness. Though this world is filled with billions of people, it doesn’t guarantee your story will be heard or understood. Choosing a white wolf shows us two things: he’s allowing himself to spit his purest lyrics (as white in film is symbolic for purity), and though he may be ‘pure,’ he can’t help but feel divided due to his ‘sin.’

Phora also touches upon religion in ‘Sinner Part 2,’ where he’s likely dealt with religious discrimination. The priest is essentially approving the homicide on the black male, which symbolizes Phora’s oppression on his faith. He partners his thoughts with lyrics, stating:

“They say I’m worthless cus I ain’t a Christian/ They turned the church into a fuckin’ business/ They killed Jehovah, didn’t leave a witness/ And these preachers crooked as these politicians”

‘Sinner Part 2’ is the perfect record for a generation who needs to become, if not already, more vocal on their problems. Racism, religious discrimination, and suicide are three major facets that should be part of our everyday discussions. Phora’s word can only go so far, now it’s up for us, his listeners, to spread his message.

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