Smack Talk on A Melodic Level: Listen to “Phaytoven” by Phay

Building off his smack talk-heavy summer project E & Phay with Eric Young, Phay ends the year with a single that pays homage to Ludwig von Beethoven on “Phaytoven”. The Flyblimp-produced song capitalizes on Phay’s melodic flex sound, where he is simply “playing with the keys” through his playfulness in his words. Though he begins the first verse talking deadass smack to any opposing rapper, the second verse reveals Phay’s decision to spend $40,000 on his debut album Mama, which ultimately led him to a strong fanbase on Spotify, and features with his idol Young Dro, Kap G, and GH Pancho.

“I be playing with the keys/Why would I wanna be a motherfucker like you? Look at me/Started off indie and I spent 40 Gs/Thank me for the album, I ain’t never say please”

Phay is proving to go 100 miles per hour in his own lane. As an independent artist with only one album, one collaborative EP, and a change of singles under his belt, he’s managed to capture 1 Million + streams on both Spotify and SoundCloud. Mama was released in January 2017, and it seems like Phay has his sights on really taking his career to the next level in 2018.

The Atlanta-based rapper makes an appearance on Kelechi’s second studio album Quarter Life Crisis on track five titled “You Got Me”.


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