Phay Pinpoints the “Skressful” Things of the Music Industry (LISTEN)

They say adversity is a friend of success. The most hard working people are those who don’t necessarily flex for the gram or are belligerently showcasing their earnings. When someone creates and presents it to the world for its enjoyment, that’s true success. Though the journey to this success moment isn’t easy, and Phay seems to be on a “Skressful” level getting there.

Phay’s latest single simplifies his lifestyle: work, stress, and fun. A combination of these three things materialized “Skressful” as the first single off his third album I Still Luh You. Over the Eric Young-produced beat, Phay tackles their dubbed New Trap Swing genre and talks about how all the energy he puts into music is skressful, but worthwhile.

The Georgia-based rapper was in Los Angeles earlier this year and teased a potential record deal in the works. However, no information on a deal has been announced. Based on the cover art, signing a record deal could have meant sacrificing a portion of himself (and his style of music), which, again is a skressful situation.

At the end of that, it’s relieving to know Phay will stay true to his style. Anyways, that’s another story. Just enjoy “Skressful” without too much stress.

I Still Luh You is slated to release on Mother’s Day (May 13th). Oh yeah, purchase the boy’s Mama brand swag on his website.

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