If You Don’t Cheat, “She Mine” by Phay is Your Ideal Relationship Record

You ever get in that awkward moment when you’re simply lost with words with your significant other? Like you’re really unsure of how to express your feelings. A secondary resort is to show your appreciation through music, but then again, not everyone’s an artist so we end up making playlists or finding songs that detail your thoughts into words without you having to open your mouth. “She Mine” is that song.

Fellas or ladies, this new Phay record is the perfect song for you to play if you have trouble with words towards your inamorata. It’s layered over his signature New Trap Swing sound, and the verses express the Georgia rapper’s thoughts towards his lady, someone he’d likely get the itis from. He opens up with “Imma get down on one knee”, seeding the idea of marriage with his wifey and continues the entire song with a plethora of similes.

She Mine” is a record from Phay’s second album I Still Luh You, which is slated to drop on Mother’s Day 2018 (May 13th).

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