Eric Young & Phay Bring Summertime to the Winter on ‘E & Phay’ EP

Remember that phrase, “bring summertime to the winter”? That’s exactly what emanates from Phay and Eric Young’s latest joint project E & Phay. This project is a compilation of records created over the recent year, including Phay’s first single “Peace” and a live version in addition. Starting the 12-song project with “Young Devante”,  Eric Young and Phay stray away from their usual storytelling abilities and instead talk mad shit. From stealing your girl, making money, and straight flexing on each record, E & Phay is an easy getaway from home without even leaving your seat.

Earlier this year Phay released a YouTube series consisting of live versions of his hits alongside his band, creating Phay & The Waws. Additionally, the Atlanta-based rapper recently garnered 1 million plays on Soundcloud and thanks his fans with a sentimental Instagram post saying, “What a movie. God is the greatest. We just hit a milly on SoundCloud this time. Thank you all so much.”

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