Aggressively Angelic Hip Hop: “Amerie Flow” by Phay & Eric Young

“Amerie Joint” continues to exemplify the perfect union of Phay and Eric Young.

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The other night I signed onto Phay’s Instagram Live stream and he was quick to talk about his new records. Little did he know that I had already listened to his soulful, Amerie-sampled record “Amerie Joint” from him and Eric Young’s E & Phay Friday.

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This record immediately recalls Phay’s “Easy/Faithful” off his debut project Mama, which features Eric Young’s catchy, soulfully playful flow. Materialized over Phay’s signature piano keys, “Amerie Joint” acts as a canvas for the Atlanta-based rapper’s joys and inner demons. From putting his lover on a pedestal, to his “f*ck a Trump” mentality, to his mama stressing his about finally becoming famous, the nearly 2-minute single is enough to provide a dose of optimism as summer comes to an end.

It sounds like Phay keeps progressing with every record. In an interview with the STNDRD rapper, he stated his experience with a 9-5 job led to a personal depression, and since then he found therapy in writing music. From my perspective, I can actually hear how therapeutic his music is based on the lively, optimistic mood he brings to the table with his recent releases.

Though his debut project has darker records like “Nahmean” or “Adios” with Kap G & GH Pancho, majority of Mama presents a murdering lyricist over angelic instruments. He’s truly an oxymoron when it comes to hip hop and is unquestionably accepting that role.

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Phay has also been able to market Mama the brand into a clothing line. T-shirts, baseball tees, dad caps, stickers and patches that feature his signature heart marked over with “Lo Lo” are all available on his website:


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