Coachella 2018 Spotlight: Pasqué

This next producer is not listed on the Coachella lineup page. However, despite his known credibility his sound, talent and performance is a must-see. Portland producer Pasqué is Aminé’s right hand man and has helped co-produce his iconic singles “Caroline”, “Veggies”, “Baba” and more. Additionally, while on tour with Aminé, he acted as the group’s lead guitarist for live performances.

Unknown to most of Aminé’s fan base, Pasqué provides the most of the memorable guitar riffs within the Portland-native’s debut album Good For You.

If you wonder what it sounds like check out, Aminé’s NPR performance at the Tiny Desk Concert where he isn’t lurking in the background.

Providing fuel to Aminé’s fire lyricism, Pasqué’s producing skills are remarkable. Below is a video of him working on the cords for Veggies.

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Here are some of the songs you should be prepared to hear before going towards Aminé’s set at Coachella.

(Photo Courtesy: Christian Lanza)

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