The Song You’ll Dedicate to Bae: “Smother Me” by Olivia Nelson

The 21-year-old London based artist, Olivia Nelson, absolutely kills it in her love song “Smother Me”. Olivia, who usually plays to a quicker, funkier tempo, slows this song down a bit and creates an R&B gem. The combination of her voice, the rhythm, and lyrics makes for a modern-day version of early 2000’s R&B. The sudden boost in her voice as she sings the hook is something you’ll feel in your core.

Story | Anthony Carrillo

Left your mark without a bruise
The thrill of having so much to lose
I feel at home when I’m with you
I want your unprotected love
Give me all your unprotected love
I’m foolish, so foolish
But I can’t get enough

The lyrics tell the story of Olivia, someone she loves. She describes their love perfectly when she sings, Left your mark without a bruise. That is a line you will be seeing as a caption on a lot of as people’s Instagram posts. If you are just staying in for Valentine’s day and you play this song towards the back end of the night, you’re going to like what follows.

Olivia is just starting to gain growth, as she just announced my first headline show in London on February 19th. If you enjoyed this song you can check out more songs by Olivia Nelson on her Soundcloud.

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