“Nothin to Talk About” | Rayana Jay’s Thoughts on Moving On

People come in and out of our lives on a daily basis. Maybe not the ones that make a impression on your life’s journey but it’s true. However, it isn’t difficult to see these people who are in and out in a quick second go. It’s those who make an impression – like a romantic partner perhaps – who are difficult to let go of. And sometimes in the midst of this loss, you just can’t quite grasp the words to say to them.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Bay Area singer Rayana Jay released her newest single “Nothin to Talk About”. The song, produced by Mikos Da Gawd, starts heavy with a strong beat and lyrics that reminiscent of begging after a fight between loved ones.

Baby please baby oh baby please don’t walk away

What I gotta do to make you stay?

Baby just maybe there’s something that I can say

To make you stick around

This is all a bit misleading because we’re led to believe by the title of the song that Rayana, or whatever persona Rayana is singing for, has nothing to talk about. As we continue to listen to the lyrics, we find that that is simply not the case.

Can we talk it out?

Don’t say there’s nothing to talk about

And it hurts, I know

But baby please don’t make it personal

The song mellows out as Rayana serenades a mystery person who she seems to either fighting or breaking up with.

Let’s make sure we leave with nothing else to say

In the end, you can’t always choose who comes into your life, but you do have some of a say on who leaves it.

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