Coachella 2018 Spotlight: Noname

Pay attention. I’m here to tell you that the #1 person you should pencil into your Coachella schedule is Noname. No longer hiding, Noname, Chicago’s next musical threat, has been perfecting her poetry skills since she was in high school. You may remember her from one of her first collaborations while transitioning into music as Noname Gypsy on Chance The Rapper’s “Lost” from his sophomore mixtape Acid Rap, which according to Chance, is the best guest feature anyone has ever given to him to date.

So good in fact, that the two reunited again in 2016 for Chance’s song “Finish Line/Drown” from his project Coloring Book, which served as the perfect prelude to Noname’s first official mixtape release, Telephone. The tape was originally released as a 10-track digital masterpiece, but eventually a limited amount of vinyl became available for purchase (which, per fan requests, were recently restocked). Her ability to bring the streets of Chicago to your ears through metaphors layered in irony atop an up-tempo production is truly something special. Telephone makes you want to cry and dance at the same time. A piece so boundless begs to be performed live.

Now it’s Coachella anything can happen and it’s best to be honest with ourselves, 30% of the reason we see a specific artist’s set is because we know who their friends and collaborators are and if one of those people decide to stop by we don’t want to be the one that saw it on Instagram; we want to be there in person. As the wishful thinker that I am, I feel that if Noname chose to bring out a guest, it would be fellow Chicago natives Saba or Chance.

Saba produced a lot of Telephone and has a feature on the song “Shadow Man”, which places him on the top of this potential guest-performer list. However, Chance does like to show his support by coming out for a few bars during his friend’s sets, and why wouldn’t he want to show up for the person that provided him with the so called best guest-verse ever?

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Back in July, Noname admitted to being at work on her second mixtape Room25 and there are already talks of a classic. So you’re definitely going to want to be that person that says, “I saw Noname before she really blew up at Coachella 2018.”

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(Photo Courtesy: Noname, Twitter)

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