“No Time” by Warm Brew | A Hip Hop Slow Jam for the Ages

Where there is music, there are slow jams. The versatility of slow jams is unlike any other kind of music. You can vibe about just about anything whether it’s love or sex or drugs or even about hanging with your boys. This Hip Hop group takes the latter route in most of the music, speaking easy about chill times and rough rides.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Image | Red Bull Records

Warm Brew from Venice, CA released a new single at the beginning of July that is sending (chill) waves through the Hip Hop community.

The trio, who first released music more than five years ago, is known for their laissez-faire attitude in their music and that’s reflected in this new single.

Instead of rapping about Ciroc and enticing drunken women with their thick wads of cash, this homeboy group of sorts writes lyrics from honest experiences and pairs them with a simple but entrancing beat. This single speaks to an issue we can all relate to – there are not enough hours in a day.

If you need love then I’m your nigga
But if you trippin’ I ain’t fuckin with ya
I ain’t got no time, no I ain’t got no time

The self-proclaimed Ghetto Beach Boyz of Hip Hop are now racking in an average of 100k plays per song on their SoundCloud had very humble beginnings, and are keeping their momentum going with their latest “No Time” video release.

Where other rap artists choose to spit lyrics about their supposed greatness, Warm Brew keeps on keeping on with the humble ambiance that they started with.

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