NIKI Justifies “Dancing with the Devil” in This Eerie Music Video

One of my worst fears growing up was to encounter the little girl from The Ring. My fear scattered through me when I saw the cover for NIKI’s music video to “Dancing with the Devil“, but hearing the song counteracted that fear with body-soothing vibes.

NIKI‘s latest music video is simply this; she’s stationed inside a red tub filled with opaque water with damp hair and seductive eyes. This look perfectly reflects “Dancing with the Devil” as the 88 Rising singer talk about how she’s called crazy by her friends for being crazy in love with someone they perceive as crazy.

She’ll gradually move her eyes and bend her head, and will capsulate you with her eerie stare. I’m not sure if I enjoyed the song more, or the fact that I got over my fear.

Check out “Dancing with the Devil” below:

NIKI’s album Zephyr will be released on May 23rd.

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