Michael Jordan Doesn’t Matter to Nick Grant’s ‘96 Bulls

Since launching his career, Nick Grant has been breaking barriers as an artist. From tracks like “Black Boy White Boy’” where he compares children growing up and their opportunities, to “The Jungle a soulful message about men’s easy path into gang violence; the South Carolina rapper has earned his spot in the conscious sub-genre of the hip hop community.

With his Dreamin’ Out Loud mixtape releasing soon, Grant dropped a single to help promote his upcoming project. “96 Bulls is a fun piece that takes us back to simpler, non-social media scrolling, Honeycomb cereal eating times. For three minutes, listeners get to reminisce on Wheaties, Beavis & Butthead, and so many more pop culture ideals – no wonder there was no room for the greatest basketball player ever.

Now while the 1996 season wasn’t his best (that’s 1985), Michael Jordan scored an average of 48 points per 100 possessions, was awarded Finals MVP, AND Space Jam was released! Where’s my FOH Army to back me up?

Nick Grant’s most popular songs are content heavy, but as we’ve seen recently from Pastor Snoop Dogg, fluidity in style is always nice to explore. 96 Bulls” is a true gangster track that doesn’t forgive. While it may not come across as a “hard” track with yell-into-the-mic rapping, the content alone is enough to make you say “damn”. I mean seriously when was the last time you heard a rapper utter the phrase “drop the soap”?

If this single is a precursor to the music coming out of SC, I can’t wait to see what else Nick Grant is about to bless us with.

Photo | Nick Grant

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