NBA Logos go Hip-Hop | Redesigned by Dime Magazine


The NBA and Hip-Hop have always been on two sides of the same coin. Each NBA city, for the most part, has an ambassador – a spokesperson who blatantly represents the squad via game time appearances, social media, or creating/remixing songs to hype the city up come playoff time.

Story: Nico Blitz | @nicoakablitz

Images: UPROXX Sports | Dime Magazine

Dime Magazine decided to jump in on the action and present redesigned NBA logos; each with a Hip-Hop representative from their designated areas. However, it’s no surprise here since they took the opportunity to redesign the NBA logos with Superheroes as well. Superheroes aside, here’s a look at some of the NBA Playoff teams with their Hip-Hop representative logos.

drake-toronto-raptors-logo freddie-gibbs-indiana-pacers-logo trick-daddy-miami-heat-logo nwa-los-angeles-clippers-logo krs-one-san-antonio-spurs-logo



Although each NBA city earned a cartooned version of their respective representatives, I feel that Drake jumps the boat to Golden State every so often. So there’s a chance that there could have been a secondary logo. Just kidding.

All jokes aside, I wonder if each city is satisfied with the Dime Magazine picks. Is there another rapper that you had in mind that could suffice?

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