“Isolated” by Nate Brady | Decision to Avert From Society’s Poison

When determining the value of self-isolation, you consider that being apart from society will lead to either loneliness or self-appreciation. In the case of Milwaukee rapper Nate Brady, the isolation is an outlet from the various poisons modern-day society brings upon the world.

Story | Nico Blitz

Reminiscent on 90s East Coast Hip Hop, “Isolated” by Nate Brady is a dark, low melodic single that expresses the Milwaukee rapper’s thoughts toward our venomous society. Beginning with a mellow piano fused with violins, Nate Brady’s first words immediately sets the bar for his rhyme book, and permeates the value that isolation has created for him.

“It’s the black menace, killin’ tracks/illest, spittin’ crack, venom on the beat/I need the cheddar and the green”

But the question remains: how much isolation is actually good for a person?

News outlets show violence as their headliner on a day-to-day basis. Even now, there is a phenomenon of clowns roaming the streets of major cities promoting violence. Though it may be seen as a joke, the simple fact that violence is being promoted so carelessly shows that our social norms have been poisoned.

Of course the initial reaction is to divert ourselves from this violence, in other words, isolate ourselves, but there’s only so much that isolation can attain. Eventually, isolation allows the wrongdoings of the world to take over and deprive us from life.

Ironically, Nate Brady’s isolation is nonexistent due to the simple fact that he created this song expressing his isolation. He’s not totally isolated from society; he chooses to be aware of the dangers society comes with, makes this song, and shares his thoughts — brought up by his isolation — to you.

At times it’s good to be alone. It’s a blessing to be able to make time to reflect and create original ideas that derive only from you head.

The Milwaukee prodigy with surely be on our radar.

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