Nadia Rose Gets Intimate and Learns to ‘Breathe Slow’ on Latest Single

With the popularity of hookups, one night stands and friends with benefits, it isn’t surprising to hear women take ownership of their sexuality and lay out their demands. As exciting as sex can be, it can also be an intimate experience shared with someone you have deep feelings for. Nadia Rose gives us a taste of this as she addresses the lengths of her love in ‘Breathe Slow.’

Story | Zara Hurtado

Backed with a rapid fire verse from New York rapper Junglepussy, the track resonates with raw energy from these two femme fatales who aren’t afraid to take the lead when it comes to sex. Rose speaks on what it’s like sharing this experience with someone you love and know so well with lines like:

“I know you like it like that/ Ain’t nothing holding me back/You give me all that I lack/I give you all of me back.”

Although Junglepussy’s verse is more about the action and excitement of physically being with someone, Rose focuses more on the close bond between two people who are compatible both in and outside the bedroom.

“See the thing about you/ You knocked me out in round one, yet here I am in round two/ The way you get lost in it, I’m so glad I found you/ I’m so glad I found you/ I’m so glad we got together/ Now we got forever.”

‘Breathe Slow’ is more than just vibing off someone and getting lost in the passion of a hookup. Ultimately, the track is about the beauty of finding the right person to share your body and soul with, it’s a reminder to enjoy the moment and breathe slow.

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