My Little DJ Khaled | Key To A Successful Present

DJ Khaled has promoted his success stories via Snapchat, and his fans want in. DJ Khaled’s social media game has been blowing up and now there’s a way to hear your favorite DJ Khaled quotes and catch phrases throughout the day without opening up your social media.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Image | YouTube

Comedian Max Goodrich creates the spinoff to My Little Pony, “My Little DJ Khaled”. The plush doll features detailed attributes of Khaled’s persona: bald head, heavy beard, heavy chain, and of course, on fleek DJ Khaled action phrases.

“My Little DJ Khaled” enables you to hear the “keys to success” and various other quotes as a constant reminder to not play yourself. Although the lovable plush doll is not available in stores, we’re wishing all the success that this may one day be available to us all.

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