Mr. Kream Wynwood Puts A Spin on Hip Hop Ice Cream Shop

From Fat Joe Pistachio, Yin Yang Twix, Alicia-Key Lime Pie, A$AP Rocky Road, to Two Live Blue (cookie dough and Oreo), Mr. Kream Wynwood is no ordinary ice cream shop. If you haven’t already guessed, these are ice cream flavors and yes, each are named after hip hop and R&B influencers.

Located in Miami, Florida and owned by two DJs who go by the names of Jim and Affect, this spot is heavily influenced by hip hop culture. Mr. Kream Wynwood ice cream shop puts a spin on things from the flavors to the atmosphere with a live DJ. In the neon-lit room you can find paintings of hip hop moguls on the walls, a DJ spinning some tunes, edible spray paint to top your ice cream with, to nearly 50 rotating flavors named after your favorite artist.

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And if you thought that was all, then you’re in for a treat! Mr. Kream Wynwood even allows you to choose amongst the cup sizes named after popular hip hop artists “Too Short” (Small), “Biggie Smalls” (Medium), and “Big Pun” (Large).

Although Mr. Kream Wynwood is an ice cream shop, they even serve baked goods, floats, shakes, smoothies, craft beer floats. Yes, you read that right, craft beer floats!

What flavor would you try?

Mr. Kream Wynwood is located at 2400 N. Miami Ave in Miami, Florida.

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