What’s “More Important Than Varsity”? | Answers on Lord Morgan’s Latest Single

High school was a time when jocks were the most popular, or infamous depending on your standpoint. Either way varsity sports would get recognition amongst most, but there’s something beyond the high school fame and fortune.

Story | Nico Blitz

Lord Morgan aka Chandon Killa speaks on the textbook and street knowledge necessary for life’s endeavors on an an EyyEll produced-track “More Important Than Varsity”, off of his upcoming third studio LP Under My Roof. The single features Aaron Miles and Monk HTS.

Before settling into an initial lowkey, chill setting, EyyEll surprises us with a dynamic snare and instruments causing instantaneous head bobbing. Lord Morgan compliments this East Coast Rap sounding instrumental with the idea of fortune beyond fame, and relating to high school varsity players who seek only the idea of being famous one day.

“Often wanna experiment, but how when every single sports’ illiterate?/My fears and every time I think I’m rid of it, plus the forbidden gifts and we all the same – Imagine if it all came with a collard chain/Is it for the sport or for the fortune? For what you tryna sport, I’m tryna force in”

This idea of fame brings us back to present-day Hip-Hop, where rap artists allocate music unbefitting for knowledge. In other words, what’s the point of the music these artists are trying to convey?

It’s no question that fame, fortune, and freedom to do whatever you’d like seems like an easy lifestyle, but Lord Morgan urges you to look beyond the scope of these particular values. Look for knowledge. Look though the facade of “the grass in greener on the other side” theory the media brings to our attention. Look at fortune not for the fame or liberty of actions, but look at fortune to give back to those who’ve helped you along the way.

“More Important Than Varsity” is an invaluable single which sets the tone for Under My Roof, expected to be released on July 29. Stay tuned for more on the album.

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