The Vein, Arteries, and Heart of Oakland

How many times can Mistah F.A.B. give a metaphor for Oakland? After hearing his 7-minute “Heart of Oakland | Bless the Booth Freestyle”, the possibilities seem limitless.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | DJ Booth Soundcloud

The Brainiac Beats produced track following his recently released Son of A Pimp 2, Mistah F.A.B. is riding the wave he made for himself to continue giving the Bay Area, and more specifically Oakland, the traction he feels its artists deserve.

I’m one to criticize rappers with an overuse in particular words, but the self-titled Freestyle King supplied a seemingly infinite amount of metaphors, punchlines, and references that made up for it. What most don’t realize about Fabby Davis Jr. is that his lyricism and worldwide knowledge is likely the best to come out of the Bay Area. With references ranging from Huey P. Newton, Bay Area legend Too $hort, and contemporary stars like Dej Loaf, Mistah F.A.B. seems to know enough about almost anyone and anything.

Above all, the “Heart of Oakland | Bless the Booth Freestyle” is a message from the Oakland native to the entire world; the Bay Area is serious about reclaiming the throne in the Hip-Hop community.

“I’m from the city of Oakland, man the city of Too $hort, the city of smokin’/The city where niggas got their whole game from, the city where niggas go out and get their name from”

F.A.B. wants the world to realize the Bay Area is home of trend setters, go getters, and is responsible for the popular Hip-Hop we hear today. Anyone opposed?

Heart of Oakland Freestyle can be downloaded on DJ Booth’s Audiomack.

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