Milez Grimez calls out phony MC’s in “Gunpowder” music video

Rhode Island based rapper Milez Grimez makes an explosive statement with the music video for “Gunpowder” off his newly released Pearly Gates EP.

The video opens with Grimez standing on a corner, giving us a good look at his city before he goes off on the first verse rapping: “check the fire we possess/ all my people play the record loud and keep reppin”

Story | Zara Hurtado

Channeling his roots as a regular in the Rhode Island open mic circuit, Grimez delivers a fast and powerful flow reminiscent of an early Eminem, illustrating the power he has on the mic as he raps:

“When I’m on the mic/ You dumb cowards better move/ ‘cuz I rhyme incredible/ Leaving the microphone covered in gunpowder residue”

Backed by a sample of Biggie’s “Warning” and shots of Grimez rapping around the city, you can feel his intensity and passion as he tells a story of a rapper rising above “phony MC’s” to finally reach his moment. Not one to let his hard work go unnoticed, “Gunpowder” is an open letter from Grimez, letting his listeners know that he’s going to stay on his grind until he’s fully reached his potential.

Check out the rest of the Pearly Gates EP below to hear the latest from Milez Grimez.

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