Start the Year Off in Your Feels | ‘January 2018’ EP by Mila J

For the avid Mila J listener, you’re much more familiar with her R&B bangers and uptempo styled tracks. To kick off the new year, the LA-born & raised singer released a 6 song EP appropriately titled January 2018.

Collectively, January 2018, is a different presentation than what we’re used to hearing from her, but the switch up also comes to no surprise considering Mila J has been in the game for over 20 years. This is an unplugged-style musical package, that gives us a 180 turn on the usual projects we’re used to getting from her. She showcases her melodic vocals and harmonies over nothing more than a guitar throughout most of the EP. As a fan of her previous work, it was refreshing to hear her voice glide through nothing more than that.

It’s essentially a break up album; a very relatable piece of work that isn’t something you’re going to turn up to. Instead, it’s going to put you in your feels, sit your ass down on the couch, leave you there, while you sip on some wine, and vibe, as you reminisce about that one time you really got your heart broke. January 2018, is an honest album, acknowledging not only the start of a beginning on the calendar, but new beginnings for the soul.

Vibe out to January 2018 and share your thoughts below.

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