Mike Tyson Records Diss Track Aimed Directly at Soulja Boy

This feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown looks like it’s actually just getting started. Mike Tyson entered this match between the musicians by posting a video of himself explaining how he’s going to train Brown before his rumored fight with Soulja Boy by saying, “I’m gonna teach him every dirty trick in the books to knock you out.” The heavyweight champ recorded his own diss track alongside Chris Brown aimed at Soulja Boy, titled “If You Show Up.”

Story | Shealene Sakacs

In this Damon Elliott produced track, Tyson raps about what will happen to Soulja Boy if he chooses to actually go head to head in the boxing ring with Brown. In the song Tyson repeatedly says:

“If you show up, it’s going down. I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass down.”

Chris Brown has not recorded his part to the single just yet, but according to TMZ he plans to finish it sometime this week. It is also confirmed that Tyson and Brown have already decided to drop a music video for the song in the near future.

If you thought this idea of a boxing match between the two was just a hoax or a rumor like myself, it seems as if it only continues to get more real. Tyson is planning to coach Brown to go against Soulja and apparently isn’t pulling any punches in doing so.

On the other hand, Soulja Boy has been pumping iron in preparation for the fight, which he claims will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in March. The rapper shared his workout regimen on Snapchat where he’s seen lifting weights and also doing some cardio on the treadmill.

Soulja Boy also states in the Snapchat video:

“Training to get ready for the big fight… It’s going down. Make sure you get your tickets on pay-per-view. We working every day. The training don’t stop. The Money Team, we’re in the gym every day. We’re getting it in.”

Make sure to stay tuned to listen to the rest of the track, “If You Show Up.”

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