Mick Jenkins Releases Project, Because Making an Album is Hard

Described as, “a project series involving musical ideas and concepts that are currently inspiring the album’s creation process”, or more; the frustration is a project, not defined EP or album by the brilliant Mick Jenkins as he works through his next studio album. The eight tracks highlight his journey of that process, and allows his fans to feel and respond to his creative thoughts.

Since writing and releasing The Healing Component in 2016, Jenkins has been on a mission to spread love and inspire others to do the same. As a Chicago native, the rapper has had an incredible platform to be a voice of change in the music industry, and succeeded with this album. With verses like, “And they be asking, what do love got to do with the point? / It’s the soothe in your water, it’s the truth in your joint…” Mick spent an entire year selling the advantage of love over hate. #LoveAlwaysWins

However, I’m curious how connected to that idea Mick was as I sit here listening to or more; the frustration. The project shows the struggle that he had while creating a followup to such a powerful statement, and as a rapper focused on more than drugs and women as the industry holds so high, I’m sure this process was much more intense than we as fans could imagine.

That exact thought I think is true of many artists though. And while artists come into the game looking one way, the industry forces you (at any level of success) to mold a certain way in order to stay relevant or have any sort of career.

Or more; the frustration is a all-too familiar journey through our creative processes; how we pull from the past or try to “steal like [another] artist” without anyone noticing – hence the tracks entitled “An Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat” and “6AM Matinee”. While not exact replicas of an Odd Future song, you can most certainly hear Tyler the Creator in Mick’s low octave vocals and Sweatshirt in the instrumental.

Overall, this project has potential to transition into the project Mick is looking to add to his collection, but until then I’ll be tweeting “fuck your party” as I have “Cry If You Want (FYP)” on repeat.

Photo | Andrew Barber, Red Bull

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