Motto of 2018: “Apologize Less” | Michael Millions’ New Record

To start the year on a high note, because of course “New Year / New Me”, Virginia rapper Michael Millions gave me a grand piece of advice, “Apologize Less” for being creative and pursuing interests. Seems easier said than done. 

I feel like the older I get, the more positively selfish I become – yet I still apologize. I apologize for wanting to stay in and read instead of going to a bar. I apologize for spending more time doing research into hip hop to write insightful articles for my audience. I apologize for being opinionated when DJ’s call me arrogant in a greenroom. And my friends I’ve built my world around just don’t understand my passions, so I apologize constantly.

That’s not what being an artist or creator is about though. It’s about showing who you are through crayons and paint or a typewriter or poetry on a microphone, and Michael Millions knows the secret to happiness, “Write what I feel and apologize less”. So for 2018 and beyond, I say we all spend more time being selfish towards our art, and less time worried about offending anyone because we choose to spend our time productively.

More importantly, as Michael discusses in the song, our parents raised us to believe that we could do or have anything we wanted in this world. If the resources are in front of us, why not see what happens when we “give a child a crayon and watch him color”; because ultimately how do we each become the greatest version of ourselves if we’re only retweeting and updating statuses.

Through soul-filled instrumentals on every track of Hard To Be King, Millions’ poetic messages takes you away from social media falseness and into a beautiful colorful world, inspiring us all to live our #BestLife.

(Photo Courtesy: Soundcloud)

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