Michael Christmas Pledges Kanye’s Broke Phi Broke in “Who Cares”

Michael Christmas takes us back to the ‘Old Kanye’.

Do you remember when Late Registration came out and Mr. West had inserted spoken tracks from a military/fraternity brother who was pledging everyone to stay broke and not go making beats on the side? If not, here’s a refresher:

Story | Sara Loretta

Photo | Matt Segar via Noisey

These skits are literally the best thing ever to grace the music industry, and still to this day I laugh uncontrollably and can recite every word. #NoShame

So, when I found a rapper who name dropped Broke Phi Broke, I was impressed that this Boston rapper found a way to appreciate West’s creative process without naming an album specifically or naming the pop rapper by face.

Michael Christmas is not your normal rapper, he has tackled topics like depression, loneliness and even crazy family personalities. His track, “Who Cares” featuring $ilkmoney is a tribute to not having fucks and just living – even if you may not being living up to potential.

Christmas raps, “Didn’t go to college / but I would have pledged Broke Phi Broke ‘til I got the cape” – which is a direct reference to the skits above. I do believe that perhaps Christmas was directly reference “Skit #4” (where Brother Kanye is caught making beats on the side), as a way to show that he doesn’t care about the traditional process of working with one producer, but instead is going to do whatever it takes to put him art into the world.

Ironically, Michael also references Kanye’s fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak on the same track; “I been taking hella naps and writin’ hella raps cuz nothin’ else is barely stickin’ / 808 no heartbreak / drums might make the car shake”, which we all remember the insane amount of instrumentals west used on every track of this album like in “Heartless” and “Love Lockdown”.

I’m definitely curious to see where Michael Christmas goes and what he releases next, because he’s a great visualizer and encompasses his influencers so minimally that you truly have to pay attention to every song he releases to his Soundcloud.

Follow him at @MickeyChristmas on Twitter for updates and tour information. Christmas also has a year old single with Mac Miller, where he talks about making the ‘first move’ in “Grab Her Hand”.

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