Meltycanon Creatively Samples Video Games and Anime

With artists being able to self produce tracks without the need to leave the comfort of their own home, the slang term “bedroom artist” emerges. This occurs when artists produce music simply for the sound without the care of reaching a large audience or the need to perform.

Typically these tracks are produced without any live instruments and are heavy on sampling. Additionally, the lyrics evoke more reality from the artist and entice unlimited creativity. Without further ado, meet Meltycanon.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Recently known as Doujinshi or Zac, Meltycanon is a producer, singer and songwriter that specializes in video game/anime sampling through Ableton Live 9. With most of his songs mysteriously being deleted by a computer virus, most of his popularity came from his produced track “Heartthrob”, which has gained over 2.85 million streams.

And his self produced song “Thankful” reached nearly 50k plays on Spotify and 343k on Soundcloud:

Recently, Zac has been releasing more hip hop songs and started to incorporate his voice on the tracks. On his Steve Lacy sample on “Birthday Freestyle” he mentions his plans for producing music in 2017, continuing his education in school, and focusing on himself:

Meltycanon has been under the radar as a producer for several rap artists, but with Soft and Wet being his first self produced album with his own vocals, he looks promising.

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